Stealth Bastard


Platforms and infiltration with a retro touch


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Stealth Bastard is a platform game half way between Super Meat Boy and Trilby: The Art of Theft, in which we will have to overcome a series of levels using stealth and ability.

The game is made up of twenty-eight levels full of traps and dangers in which we will have to crouch, jump, hold on to ledges, dodge laser traps and avoid being seen by cameras and active switches. All this in the least possible time knowing that our times will compete with those of other users around the world.

The graphic section is, like in the above mentioned games, very simple. But the lighting effects are very well done and help to create an ideal atmosphere to play.

Stealth Bastard is a very entertaining platform game, which will be very much liked by lovers of challenge. The online `leader-boards’ give it a great competition touch.
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